Prepping Your Family For a Family Photoshoot

Family portraits are things of beauty. That one shot can tell lots of great stories that you can share to your friends and even to your future grandchildren. Which is why lots of moms and dads put so much effort on making sure that they get the best shot.

To be able to capture the best moments, may it be a pregnancy photo shoot or a family portrait, you may need to do some preps that would make the shoot easy and fun!

  • Start with a theme

Families who are quite used to this kind of activity always make it a point to have a theme so they can differentiate last year’s photos from the current ones. So it would be best to follow suit. Have a short talk with your partner regarding the theme. He or she might have some good ideas that you can use. Each of you should pick at least three then narrow it down to the final three. It might be best to involve the kids as well on this stage.


  • Decide if you want to do it inside or outside

This would depend on lots of things including the weather and your preferences. If the weather or the season would be a little murky with a chance of raining, the alternative is to do it inside a photo studio. With regards to the preferences, you can use your theme as a guide. If it would be possible to do it outside, then much better. You can have more locations and this would give your photographer more freedom with the shots. Family photographer Dubai professionals have their own studios if you opt to do it inside. You might just need some help with the styling.


  • Think about the outfits

Apart from the theme, you also have to ensure that the outfits are ready two days before the shoot. Get outfits based on the theme, but you also have to take into consideration the weather especially if you are going to do the photo shoot outside.


  • Prep your kids as well

Kids will always be kids, but you need to prep them so they can be a little tamer on the day of the photo shoot. It would also be best to set the photo shoot during the time of the day that they are in good mood and full of energy. If they will throw some tantrums during the shoot, talk to them. Do not scold or shout on them as it may put them more on tantrum-mode.

  • Have fun

Photo shoots should be relaxing and fun. If you are relaxed, it will reflect on your photos. So try not to think of anything and focus on the shoot.