Best locations for your Food truck

Starting a food truck Dubai and setting an exotic menu is not the all done work to make your business run in profit. One of the most important feature besides good quality food and fine customer service is that knowing where to take your food truck. Some experts argue that knowing a potential site is more important than the menu itself. So in here, we will discuss some ideas to where to take your food truck:

  1. Festivals and events: Food trucks have always been a success when selling food in festivals, state exhibitions and major events. What more you need than already built-in audience with doing a little promotion of your own. You should stay up-to- date about the social events happening in your areas and also if there is permission of food trucks. Keep in mind that your food profile should match with the customer profile because if it is not happening you may not earn as much even with a large crowd turns up.
  2. Business Districts: Business and financial districts are a very good option if you want to sale remarkably in morning and noon times. Because the hungry employees will be looking for a tasty meal after reaching office and during off meetings, so they can help in getting you good revenue.
  3. Street Parking: A potential street parking is not easy to find but is always a logical choice for your truck. You can look at big local parks and or some historical site where a lot people flock in. When you find one, see if there are any legal restrictions. Also that if there any construction happening in your area, so can go there to feed the hungry workers in their break time.
  4. College campuses: College campuses are one of the superb sites for your truck parking. But you also need to take permission for that. When you get it, considering setting up you stall during breakfast and lunch hours or at some football or any sports games.
  5. Bars and Nightclubs: People partying at night clubs also make up good money for you. Search up for the entertainment district in your city and target the potential night clubs. Make a good relationship with the owner of that night club so that he may allow you to park your food truck in front of his club.

Looking for legal guidance for example getting your food truck license? Take a look at the site here!