Dubai World Central Importance and Activities

The Dubai World Central (DWC) is a famous and unique aerotropolis sub-region at Dubai free zone which is purposely built to promote trading activities and economic growth. It is the world’s first aerotropolis region which is designed with all necessary details and infrastructure requirements by making its airport at the very center of the region to promote it as a metropolitan airport city. After its establishment, the UAE has become a leading cosmopolitan city and trade and business escort. The DWC company formation can provide any individual and business company an opportunity for better business distribution, and higher potential of business growth.

The DWC is the most ambitious project with 140-square kilometers covered area where near -Jebel Ali Sea Port- a free zone area is designed and located. This port has a great capacity of delivering unique multimodal support to logistics. Other multifunctional attributes and business of this free zone area are related to aviation, exhibition, commercial, residential, humanitarian, and leisure.

Dubai World Central comprises are facilitated by many business related advantages.

Al Maktoum International Airport (AMIA):

The AMIA is world’s largest airport with a capacity of handling 12 million tons of cargo and catering to 160 million passengers per annum. This airport is in process of completion which is expected to be completed in 2020. This airport is a central point and considered the heart of DWC. After fully-integration with other districts of this region, it provides crucial and leading services in terms of business growth and economic development.

Aviation District:

The Aviation District is nearly 6.7 Sqkm within DWC and dedicated to aviation industry activities and production units. It is being designed to promote aviation activities by facilitating similar field companies a headquarters which is directly connected with (AMIA). The Aviation District includes following industrial and sub industrial activities;

  • Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) for exclusive jet terminal
  • Operations (MROs) for heliport and parking of air craft
  • Maintenance Repair unit
  • Aviation support services
  • Design and consultancy
  • Research and development center
  • Aviation technical training
  • Products and parts manufacturing units
  • Light manufacturing units
  • High-technology and air craft industries

Aviation District will be a great venue for future Dubai air shows and aerospace event in the Middle East upon completion and full functioning. 

Logistics District:

Logistics District of this free zone area provides world class import and export facilities for different business types. So businesses that include producing or retailing goods has great opportunity to flourish at DWC. It will fill the gap of global supply chain with the help of fast operational possibilities. Being part of Dubai World Central’s free zone area companies will facilitate with minimized capital costs, and enjoy on time delivery of perishable and short life products via fastest infrastructure.

Business Park Under Free Zone

The Business Park is strategically designed with east and west wings that accommodate companies with a huge space and flexibility to expand and grow. As many as 11 top-quality commercial buildings are designed to accommodate long term business growth and economic development.

Other DWC districts include; Commercial, Residential, Golf extension, Exhibition, and Humanitarian Districts for several businesses opportunities. To avail this opportunity, read more on establishing and licensing your business at the DWC.