Have A Great Fun Time During Dhow Cruise And City Ride

No matter if you’ve come to Dubai for the first time or tenth time, the city has so much to offer that visiting every place in a 15-day tour becomes impossible. Still, it makes plenty of sense to visit as much of the city during your tour as possible. The Marina region has a plethora of wonderful places on offer. From Daytona beach to some of the best golf courses, you can enjoy top class entertainment in this part of the city. Similarly, if you are into long driving, taking a Dubai city tour on car is perhaps quite an exciting way to turn your tour into a delight one. You will come across some of the most wonderful sights and sounds during your long drive through the city. From Jumeirah beach all the way to the city center, the Dubai car ride in your favorite rental ride is among the best fun moments of your trip. Here is more on why should you include the Dubai Marina Dhow cruise and city tour in your trip:



The Dhow cruise is one of the most joyful events of your Marina tour. Surfing over the water watching over the city line itself is a great experience. Even more incredible is the fact that you will be enjoying a great deal by getting involved in other activities. These include golfing, having tasty cuisines of different origins. The usual boat ride will last around one hour but it can be extended depending upon the trip.

City Ride

Are you ready to hit the Dubai roads? If so, you should do the needful before initiating your Dubai journey on wheels. Firstly, you should contact a reputable rental car provider in the city. Make sure you rent the car that you always wanted to ride. In case you don’t feel comfortable riding the car by yourself, or you have some licensing or insurance issues, you can always rent a driver with the car. The idea is to visit every single spot of the city you ever wanted to. Having a driver in the car is a bonus that lets you focus on the sights of the city instead or roads. Dubai is not a big city, so don’t be surprised if your ride comes to an end within two hours or even less. However, you can extend the ride if you want to visit places in your car. Off course, the extended trip will cost you more than the normal one, but the Dubai city tour is worth the price.