Things When You Need To Prepare Before Placing a Printing Job Order

We always expect our printing partners to deliver the best possible service to produce our printing requirements. But the client also has a hand on making sure that the output is delivered on time and based on their expectations.

Whether you placed an order for brochure printing in Dubai or a catalogue for your business, you need to do these preps to make the printing process smooth and with less mistakes.

  • Finish the design two days before placing an order

Some clients are always rushing the designs for the sake of making it on time for the printing schedule. Sometimes, they give half-baked designs that would need editing and polishing. This would just derail the timeline of the printing. Before submitting, be sure finish the design and do some final art on it before placing a printing job order to your printing supplier. Do a thorough proofreading and checking. Once the checking is done, make sure that everybody in your team would agree on the final design output.


  • Gather all the raw files and design file

Once a decision on the final design output has been made, you need to gather all the raw materials, along with the design file and save it in a flash drive or cloud. This is in case something unfortunate happen to the design file, you still have some backups you can use. Name and label the files and folders accordingly to avoid confusion.


  • List the printing specifications and requirements

Even before you create the design or placed a printing job order, you need to determine the specs of the design. What is it for? How big it is? What are the dimensions? What would be the printing materials needed? This would serve as a guide for your graphic designer when he started to create the design. This would also serve as guide to your printing supplier so they will be able to print and cut the designs accordingly. All digital and offset printing press in Dubai always ask their clients on the specs before printing.


  • Meet your printing supplier/partner

Meeting with your supplier is important, especially if it concerns with bulk orders. This is the chance for both parties to clarify the payment terms and set the deadline. It is also an opportunity for you to ask some questions you have regarding the printing process.


  • Do a test run on the print

Printing companies usually do a test run before printing an entire batch. This is to check whether there are adjustments needed with the color. Remember, this phase is strictly for color correction. You shouldn’t be doing editing and proofreading on this phase.